Information from the Grisar practice during corona times.

Dear patients

We´ve all gone through very upsetting weeks. I deeply hope that you suffered merly economic losses. Bad enough! It was never so obvious how powerless one individual can be. What can help? I am pretty impressed by the cohesion of many people and countries. That gives hope. And I had plenty of time for thinking. Again and again I asked myself what would happen if I am absent for quite some time ore for good. It became cristal clear how valuable a community is. So I have made an important desicion. After more than 10 years of independency at Stauffacher I will join a community of numerous dentists.
May 30. 2020 we say goodbye to Stauffacher and move to swiss smile center. A group of specialists in all fields of oral health and dental esthetics.

My new adress is
Pedro M. Grisar c/o
swiss smile
8001 Zürich Badenerstrasse 110

Join me ! There too I will be your dentist
The last decade has been beautifull and the time to come will be at least as beautiful. No changes for you but the adress. The telefonenumber 044-2411835 is still the same. I and am and will remain responsible for you. And if ever I should need it, help is next door. Plus, in case for whatever reason I should not be available there´s always someone to represent me on my behalf.
However some things will change. More flexible opening hours, our own emergency service, a more professional oganisation and last but not least I can finally exclusively take care of you. With your permission, I will integrate your patient file into the new system garanteeing a smooth transition. Respect for secrecy, confidentiality, free choice of dentist and the relevant laws are out of question! On that you have your dentists word! Any special request? Please don´t hesitate to write or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We then can talk it personally. Thank you for your confidence.I would like to continue our cooperation even if you have not been with me for a long time. As always I will do my very best for you.